The Legal Stuff

Work with you may include interviewing, copywriting, report writing, editing, Plain English 'translation', proofreading, PR, press release writing and sending out press releases. Fees, usually hourly, come into play whether the work is face-to-face, on the telephone or by email. You can also ask to pay a set fee for a piece of work. We will not sell you services you do not need.


The initial chat to discuss your project is free. However, interviewing can occur during that talk and may incur a fee at the hourly rate. In these days of teleworking we try, whenever possible, to avoid lots of meetings thus saving you time and money. 

Payment Terms

PR and publishing clients are usually invoiced on completion of the work or halfway through.

Proofreading clients can be asked to pay half of the fee upfront due to the fact that we rarely meet in person. For all clients payment in full is to be made on receipt of the invoice unless otherwise stated. 

Judith Coyle Editorial is a member of the Pay on Time organisation, a movement that encourages small businesses to get paid swiftly. I reserve the right to charge statutory interest in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 and subsequent revisions and amendments. I provide BACS details or cheques are also accepted.